Peter FloundersWelcome to Alphagramma

Many years ago, over two decades, I worked as a freelance copywriter, and was moderately successful. However, the money I invested in thinking up an eye-catching name, and developing a classy, glossy brochure, took much of the initial money that came in. Alphagramma is the only piece left of that part-time venture - which I did enjoy, incidentally - and it has been looking for a new home for many years.

Alphagramma, a constructed word from New Testament Greek or Koine Greek - at least I have thought so since I first coined the word- but have not been able to discover my early reasons for such confidence. Alpha, of course, is easily recognisable as first, and I know that gramma, may be translated as writings. Yet..… Nevertheless, Alphagramma is and will remain the name of my site. And may God bless all of you who venture to sail its waters.

Peter August 15 2015


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